Kirkbride Farm Holiday Cottages, Port Logan, Stranraer - self catering holiday accommodation
Kirkbride Farm Holiday Cottages, Dumfries & Galloway - self catering holidays
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Kirkbride Farm Holiday Cottages, Dumfries & Galloway - self catering holidays

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Archaeology Sites at Kirkbride
Grennan Slate Quarries
These quarries are situated south east of Kirkbride Farmhouse. You and your family can spend hours of enjoyment searching for fossils, the commonest of which is Monograptus Crispus. Whilst searching for fossils, look out for folds in the rocks. There is a particularly fine example of a right-angled fold in the southern quarry, occurring on a series of fault lines between the hemipelagic mudstone and laminated siltstone on one hand, and the Silurian graywacke with laminated siltstone and shale on the other.

Kirkbride Chapel
Situated on a hillside 400 metres to the north east of Kirkbride Farmhouse are the remains of the small Chapel of Kirkbride. The site at Kirkbride represents the very ruinous remains of an early medieval chapel that was built sometime between the 7th and 14th centuries as a dedication to an Irish saint, St Brigid.

Logan Tile Works
Logan Tile Works was established at Terally in about 1840. This was a former drainage tile works. The substantial remains provide an example of an underdraught tile kiln.

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